Hello, Jekyll! I’ll keep this short since my fuse has been burnt ages ago with this framework. This blog post is about the journey I went through just to get a simple blog, that is not Blogger, up and running.

For some reason I spent one week doing this: https://jekyllrb.com/docs/step-by-step/. Turns out this is just a way to teach the developer to use Jekyll bare bones without default themes. I spawned a few issues and one pull request regarding the process because it turns out Jekyll isn’t as polished as I thought it would be. Deploying to GitHub Pages was also painful. If the reader is in the same situation know you are not alone.

If someone knows how to make this site a SPA let me know.

I wonder if Matz has any plans to make Ruby a greener language.

def print_hello(name)
  puts 'Hello, #{name}!'

All in all setting up Jekyll and Minima has been pretty painful. I’m glad that for instance Open Source Security Podcast has had the same issues with Jekyll.